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Shop local, favorably.

You know the many reasons to support your local economy, but it can be tricky to do so when choosing your wedding favors. The following are some great options for Berkshire couples looking to support local businesses.


Nothing gets a crowd buzzing quite like local coffee. Buy in bulk and gift in your style container for a great next-day treat.


No decorating necessary. This honey comes in a dainty container that begs to adorn your guests table setting.


Boxed chocolate truffles are a great table favor. Take a trip to one of these local chocolate shops to choose your style and flavors. Perhaps multiple research visits are necessary.

Olive Oil

Bizalion's in Great Barrington offers the finest olive oil you will find! Fill up a small container and tie it up with ribbon and some lavender and you have a lovely favor that will complement any decor.


With a jar and a creative label, any spice can be made into a favor. Visit the Co-op or Guido's in Great Barrington for a wide assortment.

Maple Syrup

For a fall wedding, local syrup is a great option. Our favorite is sourced here:


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