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How to choose a portrait location for your engagement or wedding photographs.

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Looking for the perfect portrait location for your engagement or wedding portraits? Choosing a spot can be a daunting task. I've outlined some tips below as well as some spot suggestions specific to Berkshire county to help you along.

What to look for in a portrait location

Is it meaningful to you?

Beautiful portraits can be created just about anywhere. Ideally, your session location will provide another storytelling component for your portraits. Try to choose a spot that holds meaning to you and your partner.

Choosing the time of day is just as important as choosing your spot!

If you have fallen in love with an image of the hills with a gorgeous sunset behind them, make sure you have scheduled your session for sunset! The best time of day to photographs tends to be in the hours before the sun sets - this will provide for the most flattering and creative light and will avoid overpopulated areas. Less people means less distractions in your photographs.

Don't overlook the everyday scenes.

Many couples wish for grand environmental scenes such as waterfalls, mountains and fields, however some opt to showcase the locations where they spend the most time such as their towns, schools, movie theatre, or their own couch!

Portrait Locations in the Berkshires

The following are some of my favorite spots to photograph.


Bartlett's Orchard

An apple orchard or farm is a great spot to hold your portrait session. Be sure to seek permission beforehand!

Hillcrest Gazebo

The beautiful gazebo at Hillcrest medical campus is a lovely backdrop for a formal pair. The lake is a short walk away and a good variety of tree lines.

Canoe Meadows

Located just one mile from the center of Pittsfield, Canoe Meadows brings wilderness to Berkshire County’s largest city, attracting warblers, turtles, ospreys, otters, and the occasional bear at different times of year. Gentle, flat trails wind through the sanctuary’s scenic woods, fields, and wetlands, and along the edge of the Housatonic River. 

Tracy Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Named for Tracy Brook, a stream that has been impacted by industrious beavers for more than 50 years, Tracy Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Richmond is wetland surrounded by woodlands. Simon Tracy and his family, some of the earliest local settlers of Yokuntown (now incorporated as Richmond) operated a sawmill along the brook.



With its gracious house, magnificent gardens, and panoramic views, Naumkeag is the perfect spot for your engagement session. Trustee members are free to enter the property. Everyone else will be charged a fee of $20 during business hours.

The surrounding area also offers breathtaking beauty including the tree lined alongside Naumkeag.

Berkshire Botanical Gardens

The Berkshire Botanical Garden, is a 15-acre botanical garden in Stockbridge,

9 am – 5 pm daily. May 1st through October 11. Open off-season free of charge, weather permitting.


Make sure you get permission to ensure the gates are open. The world is your oyster here! Nature, architecture, and SOMETIMES a lovely soundtrack to liven up your session.

Anywhere and Everywhere

You don't need a grand location to make beautiful images. If you're having trouble deciding, feel free to choose a nice set of trees, some great light, and let the magic unfold naturally.


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